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Transnational Project Meeting 3

3 February 2023

Newsletter 5

As every beauty has an end, we have come to the end of our Erasmus project, which is our first experience as an institution. We had great experiences with our amazing project partners. Now it’s time to put the final touches on it.

This transnational project meeting was hosted in Buharkent ,Aydın  (Turkiye) on 3rd of February by Buharkent Halk Eğitimi Merkezi , and consisted of Associacao Animam Viventem (Portugal) , Roes Cooperativa Koin.S.EP. (Greece), Fundacja  Pro Scientia Publica and Sinergia Societa Cooperativa Sociale (Italy) .The purpose of the meeting was to put the final deficiencies and the last touches to be completed as the project completion date was approaching. 

During the meeting partner participants also presented the results of workshops they were able to implement by this time. In total, all five workshops to be implemented by each of the partners have to consist of at least 20 elderly learners per partner. Such a great influence on seniors! The chosen arts were: creative writing, music, theatre, and dance. It was confirmed that raising awareness of European identity should be highlighted to the learners.

On the facebook group created for seniors named Seniors in Arts Cultural Circle ,partners will continue to share something related to arts month by month for each partner until June 2023. The following decisions were made; guideline will publish on the organisations’ website in their languages ,an output will be prepared like photo memories ,videos , interviews with participants etc., partners will complete the Epale tasks , for sustainability after the end of date of the project each partner will decide what to do, for the impacts assessment Polish partner will send the instructions on how to lead a focus group,

          Each partner will provide the list of local participants and will build an output as memories of the experience, The Impacts were discussed and was decided to organize a focus group, submit a questionnaire to learners and submit a questionnaire to trainers,   each partner will organize a final dissemination event and will continue to disseminate the project results, each partner will complete the dissemination report matrix,  The community of practice is going on. Each partner will contribute to the new discussion, the impacts report will be published on EPALE news, Each partner will share its plan in the final report form, Sinergia presented a form for the partners contribution. it will be collected until 30th March.