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Transnational Project Meeting 1

17-18 June 2021

Newsletter 1

Within the scope of the Erasmus+ project Seniors in Arts, which was newly approved in the 2021 call period, the kick-off meeting of
our project was held face to face on 17-18/06/2021 in Italy. The project is being carried out under the coordination of Sinergia
Cooperativa from Italy, with the participation of Buharkent Halk Eğitimi Merkezi from Turkey, Foundation Pro Scientia Publica from
Poland, Associacao Animam Vinemtem Association from Portugal and Roes Cooperativa Koin.S.EP. from Greece. Our project is planned to start from 01/03/2021 and continue until 28/02/2023.

Seniors In Arts aims at:

1) Developing a guideline collecting
the best practices among training
activities based on expressive arts
for seniors, in order to create a
common background to help
educators and social operators with
seniors. The result will be the
achievement of key competences for
educators that will be a combination
of knowledge, skills and tools
appropriate to support seniors in
developing new skills and
opportunities to promote their
social inclusion.

2) Providing opportunities for
learning activities at local and
transnational level for senior
learners, as tolls to get connected
and to exchange ideasand
experiences in an European
community of aged citizens. In this
way we will support the awareness
of European identity and the
development of the sense of
belonging to a transnational
community among adult citizens in

3) Creating a tool – the virtual
transnational cultural circle –
where seniors can have the
opportunity to get in contact with
peers all around Europe, can
access to artistic products as
opportunity for entertainment and
learning and can share their own
artistic products as result of
creative and expressive activities
useful for staying active and
sharing experiences, ideas and
cultural heritage.

Seniors in Arts project addressed several main target groups, directly or indirectly, involved in the project, as follows:

1) Educators and Professionals
who work with senior learners – By
consolidating adult educators’
competences (knowledge, skills
and attitude) in order to structure
active ageing programme
initiatives for senior citizens based
on expressive arts;

2) Seniors – As key agents of all the
process, fostering their involvement
in community activities as a key
strategy for active ageing, wellbeing
and social inclusion;

3) Local communities – All the beneficiaries of the initiatives implemented at the local level, and by contributing to a positive impact on local development in a sustainable way.