Project Details

Guidelines for Arts Workshops


Project Aims

Developing a guideline collecting the best practices among training activities based on expressive arts for seniors, in order to create a common background to help educators and social operators with seniors. (competences for educators)

Providing opportunities for learning activities at local and transnational level for senior learners, as tolls to get connected and to exchange ideas and experiences in an European community of aged citizens. (awareness of European identity)

Creating a tool – the virtual transnational cultural circle – where seniors can have the opportunity to get in contact with peers all around Europe, can access to artistic products as opportunity for entertainment and learning, and can share their own artistic products as result of creative and expressive activities

Project Activities

Development of guideline for motivation and participation of seniors in educational activities through expressive arts: theatre, music, dance, creative writing, including notes about the general framework of application (motivation and participation of adult learners in artistic workshops

Transnational Training for staff (3 educators per country): “Expressive arts for seniors education” to develop key competences sharing a simple and flexible training module to be implemented through a local workshop for the seniors in each country

Blended mobility for learners (5 seniors per country): “Seniors in Arts” implementing simple and flexible workshops with senior learners (also considering special needs)

“Transnational Cultural Circle”: development of a virtual community hosted in the project website

Local Arts Workshops for 20 seniors in each country Monitoring and evaluation activities and impacts assessment for validation and exploitation of project results and outcomes

Dissemination and Exploitation of results at local, regional, national and European level