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Short Term Staff Training 1

27-28-29 September 2021

Newsletter 2

Within the scope of the Erasmus+ project Seniors in Arts, which was newly approved in the 2021 call period, the short joint staff training events of our project was held face to face on 26-27-28/09/2021 in Cascais, Portugal. The training is being carried out under the coordination of Associacao Animam Viventem with the participation of Buharkent Halk E─čitimi Merkezi from Turkey, Foundation Pro Scientia Publica from Poland, Sinergia Societa Cooperativa Sociale from Italy, and Roes Cooperativa Koin.S.EP. from Greece. The training will last three days

The aim of the training is to train educators to implement education activities with seniors based on expressive arts.

Objectives of the training were, starting from the good practices in the field, the methodology will be adapted to the project objectives, in order to transfer to the participants, the competencies needed to implement local workshops with seniors, and to support them in joining the virtual cultural circle that will be created within the project.

The organizations involved 2 participants from Italy, Portugal, Poland and 3 participants from Turkey. The activity lasted 3 days plus 2 travel days.

The training focused mainly on 3 topics:

1) The role of the Expressive arts as opportunity for lifelong learning and social inclusion of seniors in their community (1st day)

2) The possible strategies to promote wellbeing of aged learners through expressive arts (2nd day)

3) Tools to have access to artistic products online and tools to share artistic products online (3rd day).

The participants acquired the necessary foundation and tools to implement local workshops with their learners, supporting them in enhancing cultural sensitivity and competence.

The main content of the training referred to:

  • Techniques and psycho-social dynamics to conduct groups of aged learners.
  • Art and creativity benefits (for both the creator and the viewer) like improvement of cognitive functionality by creating new neural pathways and stronger connections, enhancing cognitive capacity, using more efficient brain networks and alternative brain strategies.
  • Animation techniques aimed at encouraging processes of aggregation, integration, socialization of seniors.
  • Ability to design and manage animative activities, events, recreational activities, creative workshops and initiatives to enhance the expressive arts potential with seniors.
  • Ability to design qualified and diversified arts workshops.
  • Ability to communicate with all the relevant actors involved in the arts workshops.