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Transnational Project Meeting 2

13 May 2022

Newsletter 3

It was commonly said that good communication is a key to the success. How many times has it happened to you that the idea was great, the plan was perfectly prepared and everyone seemed to know what to do but finally, it happened that something went wrong? It is a situation that each of us could experience but there is a possibility to prevent such confusion. The partners of the Seniors in Arts project took this understanding of good communication to heart and decided to meet face-to-face.

This transnational project meeting was hosted in Wrocław (Poland) by Fundacja Pro Scientia Publica, and consisted of Associacao Animam Viventem (Portugal), Roes Cooperativa Koin.S.EP. (Greece), Buharkent Halk Eğitimi Merkezi Turkey and Sinergia Societa Cooperativa Sociale (Italy) and was aimed to agree on details for further work, together make important decisions about the implementation of the project, clarify any doubts about individual tasks or further steps and present the results of the research. The research conducted by the  Sinergia Societa Cooperativa Sociale (Italy) showed that seniors feel isolated, like workshops, most of them use Facebook, do not speak English, and do not feel any difference before and after the pandemic what can be surprising for some.

During the meeting partner participants also presented the results of workshops they were able to implement by this time. In total, all five workshops to be implemented by each of the partners have to consist of at least 20 elderly learners per partner. Such a great influence on seniors! The chosen arts were: creative writing, music, theatre, and dance. It was confirmed that raising awareness of European identity should be highlighted to the learners.

Regarding the answers of the responders, the partners decided to create an online group for seniors. It was emphasised that Virtual Cultural Circle will start on Facebook in June 2022. The following decisions were made: information about one specific kind of art will be being published each month – one month each partner will provide the content and seniors from this country will be sharing it and others can comment; one additional person will be responsible for the virtual group; not all seniors have to be active on the group. Moreover, regarding the dissemination of the guidelines for seniors, possibly a video campaign will be started and each partner will create a video. Reliable feedback will help the partners increase their competencies and increase their knowledge about modern seniors’ needs. There also appeared an idea to create a small event with key actors at the end. 

In October the Greek partner will host the training – this time it will be blended mobility of seniors. Such kind of mobilities not only develop the knowledge of senior learners but also increase their awareness of European identity, and sensitivity to the culture and art of other nations. The Greek partner will also prepare the agenda and info pack. The initial location of the meeting was set up.